Suzano supports Project GAMT, which provides training to 315 young adults in Vale do Paraíba

The project offers professional training and guidance to prepared young adults in situations of social vulnerability, 58% of whom are women, for the job market

December 20, 2023
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Suzano supports project to training young adults

To help young adults enter the job market, Suzano, a global benchmark in the manufacture of bioproducts developed from cultivated eucalyptus, supports the activities of the Talent Advisory and Engagement Group, popularly known as Project GAMT.

Suzano’s initiative reflects the company’s Commitments to Renewing Life, a set of 15 long-term goals aligned with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of these Commitments is to lift 200,000 people out of poverty in the regions where the company operates by 2030.

“At Suzano, we believe that it is only good for us if it is good for the world. Investing in education and professional development is a way of helping drive the social transformation and economic sustainability of communities,” said Adriano Silva Martins, a Social Development consultant at Suzano.

Implemented in the town of Caçapava, GAMT has a 48-year history of providing professional training for youth and adults based on the Project-Based Learning teaching methodology, which places students at the center of the learning process, enabling them to exercise ownership and empowering their efforts, while giving teachers a guiding role.

The GAMT cycle begins at age 16, when participants enroll in the Young Talent Learning Program. As part of the program, they participate in the Opportunity Map training cycle, after which they are included in a talent bank. Next, they work as apprentices to have the opportunity to enter the job market. “Our role is to enable these young adults to expand their options and connect them with various income generation opportunities,” said Juliana Ferro, a GAMT coordinator.

The project has a network of partnering companies that facilitate the inclusion of young adults in the job market. “Suzano is a long-time partner who understands GAMT’s purpose and helps us continue to have an impact on families in situations of social vulnerability. Implementing high-quality projects comes with a cost that we cannot pass on to our participants, who are already struggling to find opportunities to generate income. Suzano keeps us active and able to offer more and more free opportunities to these young people to receive guidance that would often be out of their reach. This partnership is essential for keeping our purpose alive, with quality and for the people who need us most,” said Juliana.


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